Lewisham Council and Millwall scheme unravels yet more

Lewisham Mayor resigns from charity, and millions of pounds of funding come into question

Millwall secured a two-nil win against Port Vale this evening.

But the real drama, as has so often been the case this season, happened off the pitch. Continue reading “Lewisham Council and Millwall scheme unravels yet more”

Fifty Shades of Valentine’s Day survey desperation

Some people will do anything for attention on Valentine’s Day

Two surveys out today timed to coincide with the day of love in London. The least shameless first: the London Fire Brigade released a study which at least contained some, erm, hard, facts.

Continue reading “Fifty Shades of Valentine’s Day survey desperation”

Lewisham solicitor shut down due to ‘suspected dishonesty’

Bilson Henaku on Lewisham High Street has been closed by the solicitors regulator

A Lewisham solicitor firm was forced to close indefinitely last week due to suspected dishonesty on the part of its founding partner.

Bilson Henaku Solicitors, based at 73a – 77a Lewisham High Street, was ordered to cease practising by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA) on February 6. Continue reading “Lewisham solicitor shut down due to ‘suspected dishonesty’”

Who is the DLR’s mysterious ‘voice of Barry White’?

The mock seductive voice that has tickled commuters on the Docklands Light Railway was captured once again on social media yesterday – this time as the train pulled into Lewisham.

Thousands of commuters have been entertained by the conductor’s unusual announcements, which have also gained him the nickname of jazz voice. Continue reading “Who is the DLR’s mysterious ‘voice of Barry White’?”

The winter wonders of Sydenham Hill Wood

“If you really want to know your trees in winter, you have to get physical with them. In an appropriate way of course.”

Daniel Greenwood, a conservation officer for the London Wildlife Trust, smiled wryly as he gestured a gnarled trunk behind him.

It was an early gambit on a winter tree identification walk last Sunday, a bright, frosty afternoon in Sydenham Hill Wood.

Chuckles came from our cluster of fellow walkers standing on this large preserved stretch of the Great North Wood, one of the closest tracts of ancient woodland to central London.

“Run your hand across their bark,” he went on. “Even hug them if you want.” Continue reading “The winter wonders of Sydenham Hill Wood”

Manor Park gets into its swing

The icy January conditions cut short our plans to go wading in the mighty Quaggy from Manor Park with Lee Green Forum on Saturday.

But a glorious winter’s day still had much to offer. In the bracing conditions, we warmed our cockles with a cup of hot chocolate from Fred and Banu, the couple behind the Arts Cafe who have done so much to rejuvenate the park over the past two years.

In the space next door to the cafe, a five-piece swing band called the Pimentos shortly began to play – and what a great interlude to the day. Continue reading “Manor Park gets into its swing”

The rise and rise of Hilly Fields Park Run

The popularity of our wonderful local park run shows no sign of slowing down

As if ruing a gloomy week for climate watchers, January today put on its most glorious show so far.

Hilly Fields was resplendent. It was as crisp and beautiful a winter’s morning as you could ask for; earth crunched under foot, and the chimney tops, churches, and glass and steel of the skyline basked in the gentle winter sunshine. Continue reading “The rise and rise of Hilly Fields Park Run”