Excellent news for the borough: The Lewisham Ledger newspaper to launch in 2018

After years of neglect by publishers, a new Lewisham community newspaper is scheduled to launch in spring next year.

The void in news coverage in the borough was one of the main reasons for setting up Lewisham Lately – although with an average of about two posts a month, and scant research and writing time, it has made limited difference.

The Lewisham Ledger, as it will be known, should do much more. A sister paper to The Peckham Peculiar and The Dulwich Diverter (Lewisham Lately likes their line in alliteration), it will be out every two months.

It’s worth checking those out (see back issues of the Peckham Peculiar here, and The Dulwich Diverter archive here). The writing is very good and there’s a broad range of subjects tackled: the latest issue of The Peckham Peculiar has articles on youth homelessness, the long-running battle over development at Dulwich Hamlets football club, the visit of the world champion boxer Jack Johnson to Peckham in the 1900s, as well as several profiles of local entrepreneurs, artists, restaurateurs and publicans.

Most notably, perhaps, its production values and photography are first class. I find it genuinely exciting to think of the many untold tales in Lewisham getting the same treatment.

Lewisham Council can expect another thorn in its side too, if yesterday’s social media posts are anything to go by. And that’s got to be a good thing for a council that has had very little media scrutiny (excepting the whole sorry Millwall/ New Bermondsey development saga) in recent years.

Will it be enough? Almost certainly not. Six issues a year is not much, although the team behind it are very active on social media.

But it’s extremely welcome and needed and we wish it all the best. Speaking of which, its founders will be seeking £5,000 Kickstarter funding for the first two issues.

Chip in if you can: this is a genuinely positive thing for the borough.

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