Who is the DLR’s mysterious ‘voice of Barry White’?

The mock seductive voice that has tickled commuters on the Docklands Light Railway was captured once again on social media yesterday – this time as the train pulled into Lewisham.

Thousands of commuters have been entertained by the conductor’s unusual announcements, which have also gained him the nickname of jazz voice.

His honeyed tones were widely heard on social media last month after a passenger recorded his announcements on the service to Woolwich Arsenal.

Yesterday another commuter captured a snippet of his performance as the train reached the end of its journey in Lewisham.

Most passengers have enjoyed the style of the conductor’s announcements.

Others have reacted less favourably, with one describing it as “truly disturbing”.

Up until this point, however, only the voice of the conductor seems to have been captured and his true identity remains a mystery.

Do you know who the DLR’s jazz voice/ Barry White really is? Let us know at Lewisham Lately.

Lead picture courtesy of Hippotanks/ Wikipedia



Author: lewishamlately

I'm Jolyon and I set up Lewisham Lately after fretting about the lack of news coverage for the borough. I have written for Lonely Planet, worked on the travel desk at the Daily Telegraph and am also an avid runner. Currently an SE13 dweller – mostly Hither Green – for around eight years.

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